Consulting Services

Business Checkup
There are a myriad of ways to improve one’s business. The value is in identifying the ones with the potential to provide a meaningful benefit to your company. We can help you pinpoint key areas and will develop a customized plan for your desired result. Perhaps you need to tighten up internal controls. Asset and credit management may be an issue. Mentor a key employee, refine your marketing plan, develop an incentive compensation plan, check the health of your accounting system --- every company has its unique needs. We can help turn them into opportunities for a better business model.

Business Entity Selection
Choosing the form of entity of your business (e.g. "S" corporation, sole proprietor, limited liability company…) is a crucial decision that can have longstanding tax implications, positive or negative. We can assist you in evaluating the pros and cons of each entity type to help you determine the most advantageous form of business for your company.

Business Succession Planning
Identifying exit strategies for business owners often provides not only peace of mind, but a renewed focus on building the company’s value. We will guide you through the planning process by helping you define your goals and establish timelines for achieving them. We can assist in establishing a value for your business, and will develop financial, tax and marketing strategies for your exit from the company.

Estate and Gift Planning
You will have the opportunity to meet individually with a member of our professional staff to complete an initial estate planning assessment. If you decide to move forward with a comprehensive estate planning process, we will provide additional information regarding the separate pricing of these services. We anticipate that annual estate plan updates will be part of any estate planning engagement.

Estate and Gift Planning Update
We will meet with you to update your estate and gift planning to evaluate whether your established objectives are being accomplished.

Individual Financial Benchmarking
We will prepare a Summary of Net Worth Statement and trend analyses of the changes in your net worth from year to year. If at some point you wish to expand on this service to update retirement planning, evaluate asset allocation for investment analysis and/or return on investment purposes, or explore other areas specific to your financial situation, ask for pricing on these additional services.

Information Technology
Our contracted Network Administrator can assist you with most of the technology issues facing businesses today, including the design, installation and upgrading of Windows office networks; providing training for and/or maintenance of PC hardware, software and computer networks; and general troubleshooting.

Investment Planning
We will evaluate your net worth and assist in structuring a long-term investment plan.

Retirement Planning
Working with you to establish your objectives and summarize your financial resources and investments, we will develop a long-term plan for your retirement.

Investment and/or Retirement Planning Update
We will update your retirement plan on an annual basis and review the performance of your investments. We will monitor the benchmarks we have established for cash flow, investment return, and growth of your investments, and provide you with a summary of our planning recommendations. We anticipate that annual investment and/or retirement planning updates will be part of any future Fixed Price Agreements.

Merger and Acquisition
We can assist you in the merger or acquisition process by assessing such critical elements as tax considerations, product/service compatibility, competitive tactics and position, financial impact, and cash flow considerations.

Operational Forecast
We will complete a one-year Operational Forecast (projected profit and loss) based on our knowledge of your business and industry, historical operations, and information we gather from your financial personnel. The resulting report will be a tool for strategic planning and for reacting to changes in your business throughout the year as we compare actual results to the plan and update accordingly.

Pension Plan Implementation
Recent legislation makes it a good time to simplify your pension planning strategies. We can help you define your objectives, evaluate your current plan or a potential plan, and assist with implementation.

QuickBooks Installation and Setup
We will assist in identifying the correct version of QuickBooks for your company’s needs and install the software, including setting up a company file with your most recent trial balance. We will also provide four hours of training to familiarize you or your personnel with the new software.

Strategic Planning Sessions
(Monthy, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual) – A Team Member will meet with the principals for strategic planning sessions. They will prepare the agenda for these meetings based on consultations with the appropriate shareholders, act as facilitator during the meetings, and document the results of each meeting.